5-Year-Old Re-Creates Stunning Runway Looks With Household Materials

As a kid, taking a spin in your mom’s funkiest heels or using the bed sheet as a billowing gown are part of your average dress-up event. No matter your tools of disguise, it’s a treat to act like a character bigger and bolder than your child self.

While most kids slap together silly outfits or store-bought princess costumes, one mom got super involved in her daughter’s games of make believe. When her child showed an interest in high fashion and red carpet gowns, mama picked up her crafting scissors and played paparazzi…

Alya Chaglar, multimedia artist and mom extraordinaire, had an obvious knack for recognizing beauty in simple things. It’s a gift she shared with her young daughter, Stefani.

For instance, one day, while snacking on a juicy slice of watermelon, Alya made an amusing discovery. When she raised her melon at the right angle, it looked as if Stefani, a giggly 2 year old at the time, was wearing a whimsical fruity dress!

Mother and daughter got a good chuckle out of their accidental optical-illusion garment. “She struck a pose spontaneously,” Alya recalled, “and her facial expression was hilarious.” The incident inspired Alya’s artistic mind. They tried some other produce.

From fruits and veggies, they moved on to frocks composed of delicate flowers. While these shoots were just a fun game of “dress up” for a mama and her little girl, Alya knew their pictures were something special. So she shared them online.

From her first post of Stefani in the quirky makeshift dresses, Alya’s social media blew up. Recognizing the demand for her and her daughter’s creativity, she created an Instagram page to chronicle their new favorite hobby.

Their creative photo shoots, sparked when Stefani was in an “artistic mood,” quickly developed into attempts to tackle other looks made out of everyday materials before turning into something more…

“One day, I came across a photo of Rihanna in a blue Molly Goddard gown and decided to repeat her fashion look for my daughter,” Alya said. A few ruched plastic bags, a stapler, and heaps of sass later, the duo’s first re-creation was complete!

Soon, fruit and vegetables were in the rearview as Alya and Stefani — now five years old — pursued red carpet and runway re-creations. Before too long at all, they realized they’d struck upon the idea of a lifetime. But see for yourself!

Stefani accessorized her adaptation of this runway creation perfectly — with a big smile. Down to the paper made bows on the shoes, Alya and Stefani nailed the look. To be fair, the designer might have composed their garment out of paper colored with crayons, too.

As Tyra Banks once preached, it’s all in the smize. Alysa outdid herself with this sculptural craft paper look. Still, it might not hold up to a 360 red carpet glam cam the same way Cardi B’s VMA look did.

Spot the difference: One costs thousands of dollars and iron clad nerve to parade around in. The other, also gutsy, is pretty close to a carbon copy and totally free of charge. Eyebrows included.

It’s no wonder Ayla and Stefani couldn’t resist the Barbie-chic power suit Cardi B donned on her birthday in 2018. Cardi’s hat defied gravity, but Stefani’s could be a work of magic.

Cinderella, step aside. Little Stefani has taken the slipper. Now Alya could have bought some feathers from a craft store to re-create this Katy Perry look, but that’s not her style. Several snips of tissue paper achieved a similar look.

How can you not crack a smile when toting around a head? Alya found an opportunity to join in on the fun for this snapshot recreating a bizarre runway getup. After all, this pastime was truly about a mom and her little girl enjoying a nice giggle.

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