The Most Chilling Images To Ever Be Captured By Google Earth Cameras

Google has made our lives easier in countless ways. Whether you’re looking for the closest sushi restaurant or trying to buy a new pair of running shoes, you’re probably going to let the power of the search engine guide you. But sometimes your search results contain something you wish you never found.

Take, for example, Google Earth’s satellite view of the planet. While clicking around the globe trying to spot your house, Disney World, and other famous sites can be a great way to kill an hour at work, there are some darker blemishes hiding around our planet you probably never noticed — and some of them are impossible to explain…

1. In the middle of the Nevada desert, there’s a giant target for some reason. If we’re ever under the threat of nuclear attack, that’s definitely one place NOT to stand.

2. This woman, watching over the southeastern corner of Alberta, Canada, is known as the Badlands Guardian. She was officially made by drainage and erosion but, we’re not ruling out an ancient race trying to honor their beloved warrior princess.

3. In ponds outside potash mines, water is dyed bright blue to help it evaporate quickly. Either that, or some secret organization accidentally spilled a whole lot of paint. And speaking of secret organizations…

4. Break out the tin foil hats, because this symbol etched into the ground looks chillingly close to the Illuminati triangle. But you definitely didn’t hear that from us.

5. The Planet of the Apes was just a movie, right? Or is this primate face emerging from beneath the ground in Russia trying to tell us something? It wouldn’t be the first time Earth sent a message…

6. Doesn’t this oil field in Argentina just look like a mess of punctures, stitching, and scars in the ground? Maybe we should be nicer to the planet we call home.

7. As a kid, you probably learned how a meteor wiped out the dinosaurs. This crater gives you a tiny idea of the force that sort of impact can have. But some of finds are a little less intense.

8. In the middle of Sudan, for instance, Google’s satellites caught a glimpse of this formation. Doesn’t it look like the ground wants to give you a big kiss?

9. In Sadr City, Iraq, this lake slowly turned blood red. Was there an algae bloom? Did a demonic entity take up residence under the water? Your guess is as good as ours.

10. The Osmington White Horse has been cut into an English hillside since 1808. It’s supposed to be King George III, who would frequently visit the area, but we’re struggling to see a resemblance. Some other giants figures, however, are a bit more morbid.

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